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NOT all Jelly Beans are the same.

Posted by Duncan Fischer on November 02, 2013 0 Comments

WIth the demise of Prydes jelly beans in the hunter valley. The single colour and great quality jelly beans disappeared from the Australian market for a few years. 

Gimbals fine gourmet jelly beans from the US are an excellent product but have a much more 'adult' flavours set, including 'cinnamon' and even 'Dr Pepper' flavours to name a couple.

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"Stand Out From the Crowd, Give Your Customers a Sweet Memory Jogger"

Posted by Duncan Fischer on July 12, 2013 0 Comments

Make your business different to everyone else.

I'll bet that everyone else in your industry does nothing to say 'thank you' to their customers. Give them little bags of custom rock candy that will embed your business in their memories. It never ceases to amaze me how folk buying sweets nearly always have it attached to a particular good memory.

Make sure your business capitalises on this phenomena 

Custom Rock Candy


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Ginat Choc Orange Balls

Posted by Duncan Fischer on July 10, 2013 0 Comments

Roll them down the aisle! No Way. 

Why waste good lollies.

These choc orange balls are superb. You can see by the photo how big they are. Bigger than Jaffas and bigger even than Super Ojays from New Zealand. 

You can suck them until you crack through the outer shell or just crunch down hard to release the inner choclatey goodness. However you wish to enjoy them we can help. 


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